Islay, Jura, & Colonsay 2017-11-16T22:00:15+00:00

Islay or the Whisky Isle, is a low lying island in the inner Hebrides,  home to 9 whisky distilleries.   The low lying nature of the island makes it a great destination for touring, by bike or car. The island is popular with ornithologists due to its migratory visiting geese.   Historic sites and sandy beaches provide other attractions including Finlaggan the former … The Lord of the Isles.

Neighbouring Jura a much wider and remote island is home to more red deer than …   The towering Paps of Jura are a popular destination for walkers and stalkers.    There is one distillery on the Island.

The smaller island of Colonsay is reknowned for its sandy beaches in particular Kiloran Bay.  This tiny island has a population of around 135, but still manages to host to a number of events celebrating the culture and history of the island.   Despite its small size there are a variety of natural habitats on the island which make it a great location for wildlife watching.