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Inveraray, Lochgilphead, Crinan and Kilmartin

The area, known as Mid- Argyll stretches from Inverary and encompasses Lochgilphead, Knapdale, the Crinan Canal and Kilmartin.

Inveraray is a picturesque village on the shores of Loch Fyne built by the Duke of Argyll.   Inveraray Castle is the family home of the Dukes of Argyll and is open to the public. Also in Inveraray is Inveraray Jail now a popular attraction.

Heading down Loch Fyne to Lochgilphead you pass the Township of Auchindrain, recognised as the most complete historic farming township in Scotland and is now a museum.

Lochgilphead is the administrative town of Argyll and it neighbours Ardrishaig and the start of the Crinan Canal – the most picturesque short-cut in Scotland.   9 miles of canal that take you from Loch Fyne to Crinan on the Atlantic Coast.    The Canal towpath is a great location for cycling and walking.

The Knapdale Peninsula is home to the first beavers to be returned to Scotland.

Kilmartin and surrounding area bear testimony to the arrival of man in this part of Argyll and the historic significance of the area can be discovered at Kilmartin Museum.